Friday, 22. September 2017, Amsterdam, No Longer Without You (Niet Meer Zonder Jou, Engelstalig)

from 22. September 2017 - 20:30
till 24. September 2017 - 22:00
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No Longer Without You (Niet Meer Zonder Jou)

Niet Meer Zonder Jou is de ontmoeting tussen een lid van de traditionele moslimgemeenschap (Havva Oral, moeder) en haar meer vrijgevochten dochter, Nazmiye Oral (concept, tekst), over dat waar in het gezin niet over gesproken werd. De voorstelling wordt 22, 23 en 24 september in het engels en gaat in oktober naar New York!

“It’s ‘committing an act of intimacy’ on oneself, uncomfortable, loving, difficult, valuable.” -de Volkskrant.

No Longer Without You is a public conversation between a Turkish mother, Havva Oral and her daughter Nazmiye Oral about things never said in the family home. In this impressive production, the audience is witness to searing, hesitant, sometimes frightening but also very moving and precious confrontations between a ‘traditional’ Muslim and her more ‘liberated’ family member.

“I’ll not do what you say. I’ll follow my own path, but I’ll not let myself be disowned. I will be different, but No Longer Without You.”

Nazmiye Oral: “Growing up within an Islamic collectivist culture resulted in a clash between the ‘I’ that formed inside me, and the given structures. There was no room to fully live the autonomous ‘I’ with its own rules, whilst remaining within my own culture. Choosing one meant giving up the other. No Longer Without You is about breaking through these structures and being able to be myself without having to give up my place, a place which has just one rule: love.”

"The audience favourite for 2015 is theatre performance No Longer Without You. The performance made a deep impression on its viewers."

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-Audience favourite Holland Festival

“What makes this project so unique is that it doesn’t get hung up on the contradictions. Nazmiye Oral and Adelheid Roosen’s project is superb – strong women. This makes one’s admiration for mother Oral’s courage and love for taking part in this production all the greater. She is regal in her sober honesty, careful humour and universal wisdom.”
-Theaterkrant ★★★★

“It’s ‘committing an act of intimacy’ on oneself, uncomfortable, loving, difficult, valuable. At times one asks oneself if it is even a performance. And it is also that. It is a spectacle, a brave and beautiful spectacle.”
-de Volkskrant ★★★★

"All the thorny issues come up: honour killings, abortion, homosexuality and forced marriage. And through it all, there is Oral, persistently questioning, never letting her mother nor herself off the hook. Remaining impartial in this unusually probing performance is impossible. What Oral does inevitably crawls under your skin."
-Leidsch Dagblad
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