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1947: On 23 rd December, 1947 ( 9 th of Safar, 1367 Hijri) , 25 students from different locations of the country gathered at Lahore and announced the formation of Islami Jamiat Talaba.The initial objectives decided were defined in three points:
•To organize Students in order to serve Islam.
•To produce the fondness of studying Islamic Literature in students.
•To prepare students for certain field for future Islamic Society.

1948: Founding members initiated work at their hometown. Nazim-e-Ala Zafarullah Khan visited various colleges of Punjab. Introductory pamphlets and initial constitution (rules and regulations) was published. New units were formed in almost all regions of Punjab , more over Units started working at Karachi and Peshawar.

1949: Five Departments were formed under Secreteriat (Markaz) namely:
•Department of Information and Publication
•Department of Public Aid
•Department of Finance
•Department of Arabic Teaching
•Department of Research
Seerat Day and Mushaira was organized by Pakistan Markaz under the president ship of Maulana Zafarullah Khan. Work was established in Lahore, Faisal abad, Peshawar, Bhawalpur and Karachi.

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1950: The work of Jamiat started in East Pakistan. Jamiat try to stop first air fooling. Publication of the weekly Azzam from Lahore. The work of Jamiat started in High Schools. In order to resolve the problems of students of Medical College Lahore, 26 days strike was observed. Great Victory. Islamic Education System and struggle for solving students problem were included in the objectives of Islami Jamiat Talaba.

1951: Central Secretariat of Islami Jamiat Talaba Pakistan was shifted in Karachi. Pakistan was divided into five working units called Halqa. Publication of Jamiat Literature in Sindh, Bhawalpur, NWFP and East Pakistan. Publication of Jamiat Literature in Bungla Language. The first ten days training camp organized at Lahore for students. Educational and Literary activities were initiated in Lahore and Bhawalpur.

1952: Preparation of Constitution and its implementation. Publication of 15 day English magazine "Student Voice" from Karachi. Jamiat participated in college Union Election for the first time. Jamiat announced 8 point charter of demand for Islamic Educational System and launched campaign for it. Jamiat started contacting Islamic Organizations abroad. Central Secretariat again transferred in Lahore.

1953: Signature Campaign for Islamic Constitution in Pakistan. Significant progress in student welfare. Protest against government on the killing of student in Karachi. Campaign against the military agreement with America. Meeting of Jamiat delegation with Primeminister. Shifting of Central Secretariat of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba in Karachi.

1954: Protest against punishment of leaders of Egypt Islamic Party "Akhwan-ul-Muslimoon". Significant progress in work of jamiat in East Pakistan. Publication of Bulletin named "Pyami" for school students from Karachi. Campaign against obscenity in Hyderabad. First success in union election of Urdu College , Karachi.

1955: Support of Demand of liberation of Palestine. Protest against massacre in north Africa. Demonstration against massacre of Muslims in front of French Consulate of 3000 students. Social welfare work in flood affected areas of Punjab. Pressure on Government to solve the problems of students.

1956: Demonstration for "judagana" elections. Day of Algeria. Formation of Algeria Committee. Condemnation against French aggression. Suez Canal Day. Condemnation of France , Britain and Israel against their role in Suez Canal Conflict. Struggle for Islamic educational System. Publication of Sindhi Bulletin from Hyderabad.

1957: Protest day against India for Kashmir from Khyber to Chittagang. Akhwan Day. Address of Minister of Labor, Moulvi Fareed Ahmed in University of Karachi. Participation and Success in Union Elections in Hyderabad , Bhawalpur, Gujranwala and Khulna after Karachi. Significant Progress in Department of International Relations.

1958: Rally against French aggression in Lahore and police beating the demonstrator. Protest against pro-Hindu policies of Awami league Provincial Government. Struggle for solving student's problem. Attack on Nazim-e-Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba East Pakistan named "Mohammed Ali". New Challenges & difficulties for jamiat after takeover of Military (Martial Law).

1959-1962: Military Government imposed ban on jamiat on 8 th January ,1959 as well as other student organizations. Members of Jamiat announced revival of Jamiat on 28 th June,1962 after reject ban. Police charged peaceful demonstrator of jamiat . 380 students were injured. One workman was killed as a shell fired from police stuck him. The date was 4 th October 1962. New Nazim-e-Ala (President) of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba was elected through post. Newly elected Nazim-e-Ala was "Sheikh Mehboob Ali".

1963: Regional Conferences at Karachi , Lahore and Decca. Seminars on the subject of Islamic Educational System. Campaign again University ordinance. Establishment of "Idara-e-Matbooaat-Jamiat" working previously in the name of "Department of Information and Publication. Help of Flood Affected peoples of East Pakistan. "Sheikh Mehboob Ali" was reelected as Nazim-e-Ala (President) in the annual convention held at Railway Stadium Karachi. Number of Participants were 304. The dates were 11,12, 13 th October,1963. Jamiat Candidate "Barakullah Khan" for the presidency of Punjab University Students Union was expelled.

1964: Nazim-e-Ala (President) of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba , Pakistan arrested while leading a march of more than one hundred thousand students. Period of test and trials. Forced cancellation of training camp in Mansehra. Magazine "Hamqadam" on date of 16 th July, 1964 and "JAMIAT NEWS LETTER" were published. Jamiat 13 th Annual Convention was held at Islamic Research Institute Karachi on 26th and 27th December.

1965: On 6 th September, 1965 India attacked Pakistan . Nazim-e-Ala (President) of Pakistan Syed Munawwar Hassan" asked workers of Jamiat to take active role in Jehad. Memorandum to Hamood-ur-Rehman educational commission. Active role in civil defense during 1965 indo-pak war. Jamiat 14 th Annual Convention was held at Qasim Bagh , Multan on dates of 5,6 and 7 th of November,1965 . The number of Participants was 354. On 6 th November, 1965 members of Jamiat reelected "Syed Munawwar Hassan " as jamiat Nazim-e-Ala(President).

1966: Movement against Tashkent Pact between military Government and India. Campaign for the establishment of Women's University. "Idara-e-Matbooaat Jamiat" was renamed as "Idara-e-Matbooaat Talaba". Protest against Death Sentence of " Syed Qutub" and his companions (leader of Egypt Islamic Organization, "Akhwan-ul-Muslimoon").

1967: Protest against the arrest of Relegious Scholars. Arrest of General Secretary and Nazim(President) of Karachi. Release of General Secretary and Nazim(President) of Karachi on 14 th February, 1967 on bail. Meeting of Jamiat Delegation with Egyp councillor in Egyptian councilate. Delegation reaffirming Jamiat support against the aggression of jews . The date was 5 th June, 1967. The new Nazim-e-Ala (President ) of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Pakistan elected named "Mohammad Kamal Khan" a student of Khyber Medical College.

1968: Jamiat decides its new organizational structure based on new provincial setup. Two organizational provinces were 1. West Pakistan and 2. East Pakistan. The annual convention was held in Hyderabad. Beginning of movement against Ayub Khan regime.

1969: Movement against Ayub Khan monarchy went to peak. In March, 1969 Military take over the government. “Yehya Khan” was the new ruler. On 15 th August, 1969 Nazim-e-Decca “Shaheedd Abdul Malik” was killed by nationalist students. Success in Union elections of various educational institutions in west of new educational Policy by Air Marsel Noor Khan welcomed by jamiat due to its acceptance of relegional aspect of education. New Nazim-e-Ala (President) “Mutte-ur-Rehman Nizami” was elected in November ,1969 in the annual general convention held at Lahore “Daroga Wala” from 6 th November to 9 th of November,1969 . The number of Participants were 2340 students.

1970: New organizational structure approved. Jamiat new division based on five provincial system:
•East Pakistan
• Balochistan
Active role in idealogical war against socialism. Support for pro-islam powers in 1970 Nation elections. Campaign for islamic constitution in Pakistan.

1971: Annual Convention for members was held at Eden Hotel, Decca, East Pakistan from 29 th January to 31 st January. The number of participants was 121. “Mutee-ur-Rehman Nizami” was reelected as Nazim-e-Ala(President). 20 th General Convention was held at Multan from 1 st October to 3 rd October .The number of participants were 251. New Nazim-e-Ala (President “Tasneem Alam Manzar” was elected. According to reports presented at 20 th general Convention, Number of members in east Pakistan was 134. Eleven branches and 671 units were operating. Pakistan was divided . A new country “Bengladesh” was found by east Pakistan nationalist with the help of Indian attacking forces. Pakistan army surrendered on 16 th December, 1971. Jamiat workers in east Pakistan in severe conditions . Nationalist burnt their houses, killed their families as well as theirselves. Some were severely tortured.

1972: On 22 nd May, 1972 , Jamiat started her work in “Jummu” and “Kashmir”. Intervention of Government terrorists in Punjab University union election on 26 April , 1972. On 8 th June, 1972 one of the lover of jamiat “Dr Nazeer” was killed at clinic .He was member of National assembly of Pakistan. Jamiat presented his opinion to “Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto” before his departure to Shimla where he had to met with “Indra Gandhi”, Primeminister of India. “Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto” was at that time President and Martial Law administrator of the met Bhutto under the leadership of Nazim-e-ala , Tasneem Alam Manzar. 21 st Annual Convention for workers was held at EidGah Maydan, Nazimabad. The number of Participants were 1998. The convention was held from 5 th to 8 th October,1972. “Zafar Jamal Baloch” was elected as new Nazim-e-Ala (President). Success in election of all colleges and Universities. Nazim-e-Ala was elected as Assistant Secretary General of IIFSO (body of islamic student organizations of world. “Bengladesh Not acceptable” movement started from Lahore.

1973: Jamiat's worker Abdul Waheed killed and hundred of workers with Nazim-e-Ala (President ) arrested. 22 nd Annual Convention cancelled due to heavy rain in Sindh and Punjab. Relief works in Flood affected areas of Punjab and Sindh.

1974: “Tehreek Khatam Nabuwat”, Nazim-e-Ala (President) of Jamiat, Secretary General and hundred of workers arrested. Success in Union elections all over the country. 22 nd Annual Conventionwas held at Peshawar.

1975: Nazim-e-Ala (President) of Islami Jamiat Talaba participated in IIFSO conference held at Turkey. Relief works in in Sarhad in earth quake a affected areas.

1976: Forced cancellation by Government of Sindh Provincial Conference. Campaign against obscenity. Struggle for freedom of press. Torture and kidnap of Nazim(president) of Islami Jamiat Talaba, Kashmir by police. Remarkable development in work of Department of Internation relations.

1977: Active role in movement for restoration of democracy and enforcement of Islam. Conspiracy for involving Islami Jamiat Talaba in terrorist activities went invain. National Educational Conference held, active participation of students, approval of important recomendations. 25 th Annual Convention held at Muzaffarabad.

1978: Significant success of Islami Jamiat Talaba in Union elections all over the country. Active roles in internation relations. Department of Analysis and Writing formed. Memorandum to participants of Jummu and Kashmir Educational Conference. Welcome party to “Imam-e-Haram” in Karachi and Lahore.

1979: Provincial Conferences Organized in Punjab, Sindh , Sarhad, Baluchistan and Azad Kashmir. Country wide campaign “Apni Islah Aap “ was lauched. Constitution of Islami Jamiat Talaba translated into English. Death of Syed Abu Ala Maududi.

1980: Protest against military intervention of USSR in Afghanistan. Formation of Fund for Afghan refugees. Campaign for National awakening launched. Organization of Jehad Conference countrywide. Visit of Nazim-e-Ala (President) of Islami Jamiat Talab, Pakistan to Iran against the invitation of Government of Iran.

1981: Hafiz Aslam, Guraya, Abdul Shakoor Awan, Danish Ghani workers of Islami Jamiat Talaba martyred. Participation of Nazim-e-Ala (President) of Islami Jamiat Talab, Pakistan in the annual convention of Islami Chattra Shibir, Bengladesh. First Secretary General of Islami Jamiat Talaba “Abdul Jabbar Shakir” and Eighth Nazim-e-Ala (President) of Islami Jamiat Talab, Pakistan “Absar Alam” died. Islami Jamiat Talaba celebrate its foundation day according to Hijri calendar.

1982: 29 th Annual Convention held at Lahore. Various newspaper print special edition on the occasion of annual convention.

1983: Week of Educational Problem throught out Pakistan observed. Islami Jamiat Talaba (Sarhad) banned by the government on 25 th April, 1983. Visit of Nazim-e-Ala (President) of Islami Jamiat Talab, Pakistan to Bengladesh on the visit of Islami Chattra Shibir. 30 th Annual convention for Rufqa held at Jhang, Punjab.

1984: Students organizations and Union banned by Martial Law Government on 9 th February, 1984 in Punjab. Students organizations and Union banned by Martial Law Government on 10 th February, 1984 in Sindh. Nazim-e-Ala (President) of Islami Jamiat Talab, Pakistan accused by military government and given one year prison. Hundred of workers arrested. Different punishments were given. 39 workers expeled from various educational institution. Annual Convention for members held at Karachi.

1985: Nazim-e-Ala (President) of Islami Jamiat Talab, Pakistan and Secretary General participated in annual convention of Islami Chaattra Shibir, Bengladesh. Member of Islami Jamiat Talaba ,”Nawaz Khan” martyred as result of torturing by government terrorists. Annual convention held at Mardan.

1986: Masood Ahmed Nasir, Malik Mushtaq and Shahid Rafiq in Lahore and In Karachi Syed M.Ali and Shahab were martyred. Intense Demonstration against ban on student union on 9 th February. Training camp held in Khanaspur for Members of Executive councils and other office bearers. Oath taking of Nazim (President), Islami Jamiat Talaba, Pakistan and Secretary General in Jail. 23 rd Annual convention for members and Rufqa was held at Lahore. Formation of Department of Mass Media.

1987: Alam Fityana , a member of Islami Jamiat Talaba was martyred due to the crime of arranging “Seerat” Conference in “Pakistan Medical College, Faisalabad” by Government terrorists. Protesting Rallies in Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi on date of 9 th February against the ban on Student's Union. Long March from Lahore to Islamabad for the restoration of expeled students from Quaid-e-Azam University. Torture of Police from beyond Shahadrah. Hundred of Students arrested. Participation of Nazim(President) ,Islami Jamiat Talaba ,Pakistan in Conference of Islami Chaatra Shibir,Bengladesh , participation in IIFSO's training camp and in annual convention of Kuwait's student organization of university of Kuwait. Annual Convention for Members and “Umeedwaraan” (Applicant members) was held at Lahore.

1988: Zubair Khan of King Edward Medical College, Tariq Javed of Nishtir Medical College, both members of Islami Jamiat Talaba martyred due to their resistance against obscenity. Amir Saeed was martyred by nationalist in Karachi. 4 points Educational campaign and three days student rights movements were launched. Hundred of workers of Islami Jamiat Talaba arrested in Karachi , Multan and Lahore. 7 days training camp of IIFSO was held at Khanaspur in which delegations from different countries participated. 35 th Annual convention was held.

1989: General Convention held at Lahore.35000 students attended the convention. Delegations of international Islamic movements from about 12 countries participated. This grand student convention was considered to be largest convention at that time. Great “Azam-e-Inqilab Rally “ was organized at Mochi Gate Lahore in which 35000 students participated. International Conference was organized. 6 workers martyred in Pakistan and 6 workers sacrificed their life in Afghanistan during jihad.

1990: Annual Convention for members held at Peshawar. Visit of Nazim(President) ,Islami Jamiat Talaba Pakistan at Behaari Camp and Bangladesh. Training Camp for members held at Karachi in January.

1991: Campaign against military intervention in Gulf of American troops was launched in the name of “America Murdabad Mohim”. Great student rallies were organized in four provinces. International Kashmir Conference was held at Azad Kashmir and delegates from twenty countries participated in the conference. Severe torture of nationalist organization on worker of Islami Jamiat Talaba in Karachi. Hundred of workers injured and seven workers were martyred. Campaign “Message of Jihad Kashmir” was launched. Many workers martyred in Kashmir fighting against Indian armed forces.

1992: Annual Convention for Members was held at University of Zakaria , Multan. Beginning of organization of training camps for Applicant Members by Markaz (Center). Day of conquest of Kabul was celebrated through out the country. Participation in Relief activities for flood affected peoples. “Pagam (Message) of Seerat(Life ) of Muhammad(PBUH)” Campaign was launched through out the country in Rabi-ul-Awwal (an Islamic calendar month).

1993: Annual Convention for members held at Mosque of Quba, Karachi. Active participation in Jihad-e-Kashmir. Number of workers martyred. “Save Education” campaign was launched in order to stop falling educational standard. Protest against destruction of Babari Mosque by Hindu activist all over the country. Student Aid Project formed at Markaz (Center). Constitutional struggle for restoration of Students Union in Supreme Court too. Unexplainable Police Action in University of Punjab , students tortured, 12 office bearers of Islami Jamiat Talaba expelled from University.

1994: Annual Convention for members and Rufqa held at University of Punjab. Active role in Jihad Kashmir. Number of workers martyred during jihad. Visit of Central Executive council to Afghanistan. Meeting with Gulbadeen Hikmatyar. Visit of Nazim(President) ,Islami Jamiat Talaba , Pakistan to Sudan and Bangladesh. Demand of Restoration of Student Union through out the Workers and one university servant died by ISO activists firing in University of Punjab.

1995: Annual Convention for members held at Mansoora , Sindh. Session dates changed according to decision made by Central Executive Council. Session then to start from February instead of October. Worker of Islami Jamiat Talaba in Karachi faced with horrible menace of a nationalist student group. Workers tortured, kidnapped. Three workers martyred during the course. Protest against obscenity on the occasion of celebrating “Happy New Year” by Islami Jamiat Talaba, Lahore. One worker martyred as a result of Police firing. Nazim (President), Islami Jamiat Talaba, Punjab pay 10 days visit to Turkey. Campaign to solve the educational problem was launched through out the country. Rallies on provincial level were organized.

1996: Annual Convention for members held at Al Markaz-e-Islami, Peshawar. Visit of Nazim A'ala (President) Islami Jamiat Talaba Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. “Save Education” campaign in Punjab and Sarhad (NWFP). Rallies in Kashmir and Sindh organized to solve educational problems. Islami Jamiat Talaba celebrates her golden jubilee.

1997: Annual Convention for Members arranged at Mosque Al-Huda ,North Karachi. Agenda for educational policy was presented to National and Provincial assemblies. Seminars, symposium, Surveys through out the country to solve educational problems. Nazim (President) Islami Jamiat Talaba Pakistan met with President of Pakistan on the matter of national and educational questions. Train March on the completion of 50 th year of Islami Jamiat Talaba. General Convention held at University of Punjab. More then 35000 students attended the convention. Convention was largest in Islami Jamiat Talaba history.

1998: Annual convention for members held at University of Punjab, Lahore. “Waqas Anjum Jaafri” was reelected as Nazim(President) ,Islami Jamiat Talaba , Pakistan. Islami Jamiat Talaba launches campaign to pressurize government to perform nuclear tests against the test performed by India.

1999: Annual Convention for members held at Attock. “Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman was elected as new Nazim(President) ,Islami Jamiat Talaba , Pakistan. Launching of 11 point demand campaign in order to solve educational question and student problems. Big book fairs in the name of “Kutub Mela” were organized in the big cities of Pakistan. 34 workers of Islami Jamiat Talaba martyred in Jihad Kashmir.

2000: Annual Convention was held at Government College of Technology, Karachi. “Muhtaq Ahmed Khan” was elected by members as new Nazim(President) ,Islami Jamiat Talaba , Pakistan. Movement against C.T.B.T was launched. Funding for Chechens Muslims was done and was given to Zeelem Khan. Relief work was performed in Drought areas of Sindh. “Fehm-Tadrees-ul-Quran”camp , a 20 days training camp of its unique nature was organized at University of Punjab, Lahore for members and applicant members. “Week of Building Pakistan” was celebrated through out the country. Campaign against obscenity was launched with full intensity. 11 Point Demand movement for solving problems of students is commencing. Islami Jamiat Talaba member “Dr. Javed Nazim” was martyred by nationalist terrorist.

2001: Jamiat sponsored PHD scholar ship, 4 students selected. Nazim A'ala Visits Saudi Arab, Malaysia and participate in the WAMY conference, General Secretary Visits U. A. E. Great Difa-e-Islam Railies held in Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi & Lahore. Annual Members Meeting held at Faisalabad on 7th ,8th and 9th of February

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