Friday, 02. March 2018, Burswood, Ed Sheeran • Perth • ÷ World Tour

from 02. March 2018 - 16:00
till 03. March 2018 - 23:59
AustraliaBurswoodVictoria Park Dr6100
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14355 people attending
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Frontier Touring are delighted to welcome Ed Sheeran, one of the biggest names in music, back to his adopted home for seven stadium shows across Australia and New Zealand next March as part of his ÷ World Tour.

Friday 2 March
Saturday 3 March

All tickets will be held back for delivery until Tue 30 Jan 2018

General Admission tickets are recommended for patrons aged 10 years and over.

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Wheelchair seating, companion card and accessibility ticketing details:

TICKETS FROM | Ph: 136 100

Friday, 14. July 2017, Brisbane, Queensland Dietitian Symposium 2017 with Three Minutes to Shine

from 14. July 2017 - 8:00 till 16:00
AustraliaBrisbaneButterfield St Herston4006
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DAA QLD EDC presents the Queensland Dietitian Symposium 2017. Don’t miss this phenomenal full day professional development event with keynote speaker Zoe Nicholson - Founder and Director of Figureate, plus concurrent sessions across a broad range of topics, with the ever popular ‘Three Minutes to Shine’ segment.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to network with your colleagues and upskill across a broad range of topical areas in dietetic practice including:
• Keynote Speaker - Zoe Nicholson - Founder and Director of Figureate, APD
• Apps and Mobile Technology in Health Care by Dr Margaret Allman-Farinelli, APD
• The Framework for Efficient and Effective Dietetic Services (FEEDS) by Jan Hill, APD & Chair QLD DNSC
• Combined Dietitian and Speech Pathology Practice by Dr Bena Cartmill and Louise Cooney, APD
• The Good Start Program by Sebastian Brigano, APD, & Kristine Kira, APD
• Pharmacy Guide for Dietitians by Jessica Toleman
• Private Practice for Beginners by Leanne Wagner, APD
• The low FODMAP diet: Recent advances in understanding its mechanism and impact by Dr Heidi Staudacher, APD
• Paediatric Management of Allergy, Kathy Beck, APD
• Patient Centred Care to Improve Dietetic Practice, Ishtar Sladdin, APD
• Responding to Misinformation and the Media by Tara Leong from 'Nutrition Guru and the Chef’, APD

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Three Minutes to Shine
All APD’s and Students are invited to submit an innovation, service improvement initiative, project or simply an experience for the opportunity to present at the ‘Three Minutes to Shine’ segment. There are 3 Awards with prizes to be won including Overall Winner $150, People’s Choice $50 & Student Winner $50. See flyer for further details and for your chance to shine,

Share this event with your friends and colleagues, and stay tunned for more updates!

Saturday, 26. August 2017, Beerwah, Queenslands Strongest Man & Woman

from 26. August 2017 - 9:00 till 17:00
AustraliaBeerwah32 Sports Ground Drive4519
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The annual QLDS Strongest Man & Woman event will be held again at the Beerwah Charity Sports festival !!
This event will be helping to raise money for the Cancer Council QLD!!

QLDS strongest Man & Woman will be the only Arnolds Qualifier in the South East region !

The events are looking to be very exciting and challenging !!

***in no particular order***

LOG PRESS FOR REPS (pro style)

The choice of 2 log weights , 1 rep of the heavy log will out do any amount of the light log . You can attempt the heavy log and if you fail move to the light log in you 90 sec time limit but You cannot rep the lighter log and move up to the heavier one.
*no belt looping
*no resting the log on your head
*no overhead dropping

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Novice women- 5inch 30kg /8inch 35kg
U62 - 8inch 50kg / 10inch 60kg
U82 - 10 inch 70kg / 10inch 80kg
Open - 10 inch 75kg / 10inch 85kg

Novice mens 8inch 60kg / 10inch 80kg
U80 - 10inch 85kg / 10inch 100kg
U90 - 10inch 100kg / 10inch 120kg
U105 - 10inch 110kg / 10 inch 130kg
Open - 10inch 130kg / 12inch 160kg

90 sec time limit
Choice of 2 stones , 1 rep with the heavy stone will out do any amount on the light . You can attempt the heavier one if you fail you may attempt the lighter one but you cannot go from lighter to heavier .
*no chalk
*tacky allowed

**Novice men and women will be loading stone over yoke**

NW - 50kg over yoke
U62 - 50kg /60kg
U82- 60kg / 70kg
Open - 70kg /80kg

NM - 80kg over yoke
U80 - 80kg / 100kg
U90 - 100kg/ 110kg
U105 - 110kg/ 120kg
Open - 130kg / 160kg


Weighted accordingly for leverage .
60 sec time limit .
Wraps ok
Sleeves ok
Suites ok
Belt ok

NW - 100kg
U62 - 150kg
U82 - 200kg
Open - 260kg

NM - 250kg
U80- 270kg
U90- 290kg
U105- 330kg
Open - 400kg

3 Dumbells , 90 seconds
Elbow sleeves ok
Belts ok

NW 15kg 20kg 25kg
U62 25kg 30kg 35kg
U82 30kg 40kg 45kg
Open 35kg 45kg 50kg

NM 30kg 40kg 50kg
U80 40kg 45kg 50kg
U90 50kg 55kg 60kg
U105 60kg 70kg 80kg
Open 70kg 80kg 90kg

**Other events will be announced in good time**

Divisions for QLDs strongest & Arnold Qualifier are as follows

Sarah Davis F/P
Arielle Chard F/
Karma Houston F/
Kyla Dooley F/
Ilyshah Beazley F/


Ainslee Gordon F/P
Red Wiard F/P
Jodie Coetzee F/P
Sennye Mogale F/P
Elkie Shakespeare F/P
Lucia Dell Noci F/P
Jodie Tomkins F/

Rebecca Gilbert F/P
Maddi Corey F/P
Sani Laomahei F/P
Ash Peni F/

Sjoerd van den Berg F/P
Ben Aldrich F/P
Garran Ma F/

Shane Riley F/P
Luke Stay F/P
Tobias Elliott F/P
Jeff Sermon F/P
Jason Holmes F/P
Josh Callaghan F/P
Chris Humphries F/P
Andrew Roberts F/P
Evan Morris F/
Jake Taylor F/

Des Hylton F/P
Simon Morelli F/P
Jayson Woods F/P
Luke Addison F/P
Te Ariki Rurehe (Chuxz) F/P
Daniel Mason F/P
Paul Cullen F/P
Brendan Shorter F/P
Mason Douglas-Cartwright F/
Iain Smith F/
Jordon Anderson F/
Jacob Hohua F/

Edward Cook F/P
Lee Adams F/P
James Darragh F/P
Tyson Brook F/ P
James Davies F/P
Garret Graveson F/P
Flynn O'Brien F/P
Dave Napper F/P
Coco F/
Kayde Bradley F /
Les Daniels F/

Novice Womens
Helen Gorecki F/P
Mikayla Martin F/P
Skye Youd F/P
Emma Hill F/
Rachel Dale F/

Novice men's
Mathew Howie F/P
Shane Cambell F/P
Shaun Gerrisen F/P
Jason Dacey F/
Kingsley Saville F/
Wayne McIntosh F/

Entry will be capped at 50 competitors for the qualifer events , so please ensure to get your entry and payment in as soon as forms are avail . There will be a waiting list created if need be .

There will be nominated weigh in gyms to make it easier for travelling competitors .

Also this year as an added bonus I would like to introduce 2 novice divisions . 1 mens & 1 womens capped at 20 total competitors !
Absolute novice only . If you have competed and placed in any strongman or powerlifting event you do not qualify for this division.

This novice division is for the event experience and a chance to have fun whilst helping to raise money for a good cause ! There will be experienced judges and loaders to help you through it !

Its a family friendly fun day with plenty to see and do!

Entry to the charity sports day is a gold coin donation !

Fee and forms will be released later on for competitors !
WIDE AWAKE - PERTH ( formally Nocturnal Neverland )

WIDE AWAKE - PERTH ( formally Nocturnal Neverland )

Saturday 16. February 2019
Turkey and Gallipoli Holiday

Turkey and Gallipoli Holiday

Friday 25. May 2018
Thursday 10. December 2020
Katy Perry | Perth
Tuesday 24. July 2018
Katy Perry - Witness: The Tour
Tuesday 24. July 2018
Countryman's Fair 2018
Sunday 05. August 2018
Radiohead | Montreal
Monday 16. July 2018
Radiohead - Montreal, QC
Tuesday 17. July 2018
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